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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

One With Nature

The winds drifts overhead as I turn to face what once remained behind me. Glancing skyward, was a sea of ocean-blue embracing me – begging me to climb. A single ball of fluff remained off towards the boundaries of my peripheral vision – barely visible through the blur. Slanting my heavy head, I became aware of the shape that persisted within the sea up above.
Plopping down, I hit the crumpled mound of earth below me and began picking at its hairs. Handfuls at a time, I rip and yank from the scalp, piling the hair-like fibers in front of me. Picking them up, I watch as they slip through my fingers along with every thought inside my head.
I glance around me, my head continually spinning in ways that is unnatural to the human race, and I recognize what I’ve become. Everything is more than me. Everything is larger – taller – waiting to envelope me in their worldly knowledge. I remain seated, mind blank, hands empty, senses at ease. I’ve melted into my surroundings. I’ve become one with everything around me. I no longer exist – only it does... and it is me. That fluff ball off to the corner had followed in my footsteps, unsure of where to go – thus, it followed me. Without me there to follow, it shall remain... It shall remain, for me, as a remembrance of how to get back to where I first began.

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