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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beyond The Blurriness

i know it
the truth
despite saying
i don't

waiting for denial
acceptance never a chance

the truth haunts
wanting to break down

from beyond
behind the blurriness
of the clouds

i know it
the truth
despite saying
i don't

i know
I'm beautiful.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Big Ocean

sometimes hard to see
beyond what's clear to view
the blur
the speed
of the unknown
continues passing
without a second

if we try to focus
our senses form
and take in new light
that once was missed

and as we glare
begin to stare
the unknown continues
to pass by without fear

no threats
no questions
just existence
with no recognition
as we all float by

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Friend

At one point or another, it becomes apparent what is truly needed

The people are singing
The friends must be together

When one prevents the occurrence
of another
the truest is known

Between one or two
I’d choose one
as they often prove
to be more worthy than two

Through the fog
and the pain
the loss
and the gain
they will take part

or analytic
that friend will always

Years will pass
times will change
altered scenery will resound
through new visionary glares
but all will live on
despite the length
of time apart

Flipping through the pages
as images bring
for all to see
reunions are born

through parks
on lawns
at parties
at night
They will do it with you

Listening in
all for one reason
They ask who’s
to blame
when you show up
so they can
go hunting

Gone for
or around
to flow
it all

In the dark
through the light
images shine
into our eyes
colors vibrate
brightful blasts
blinding beauty
of the one who sits
beside me
flashing messages
tasteful melodies
reverberate between us

As the seasons change
and the people move away
that friend will stick to you
making snow angels
in the fresh green grass
until the sun sets
or the moon shines
the snow falls
and the rain subsides
or building
sand castles
out of snow

Saturday, April 6, 2013

You Tell Me

the weight of your disguise
pulls me deeper
as attempts to pull you out

the devastation in your veins
illuminates the clouds
through torn and
shredded flesh

cringing at the thought of your
your stability is fleeting

tension strikes the timeless clock
enveloped in your

slick as silicone
the pulse of fluffy pancakes...
silence was a
stunning perfection

Saturday, March 30, 2013


the seasons change
but that's not all
for the feelings within
evaporate from the walls

it's not yet over
that I guarantee
for the truth of the matter is
it's just a new beginning

it is never the end
unless you let it be true
cause this trickling
up my spine

reminds me
of you.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


There are those times when
tears are clear,
transparent and painful.
And all the moments
that I fight to win
are useless –
my strength no match,
damaging my pride
and much
much more.

Walking Around

after five minutes I am lost
but I know exactly where I am
the dried up concrete buckling under
every step – same as yesterday
or was that Tuesday?
my feet move mindlessly
dragging me where they know to go
even though
there is nowhere to go
in this town
I make circles
forgetting how I get from one place
to another
I stroll along serenely, with my eyes, my shoes, my rage –
forgetting everything
mind racing for minutes
or has it been hours?
worn holes crack through the rubber
as I feel the heaves in the road
after five minutes I am lost
and I don’t want to be found

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Remind Me

The ice water pouring over my tongue brings nothing but anxious love that dwells from deep inside my guilt – my inability to trust causes my desires to stop short at a stop light – holding them back out of fear, or perhaps out of longing. I regret the childish shriek that erupted from within the first time I experienced it all, but it will never be something I'll be able to take back – not that I'd want to, of course.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Writers Block

I often try with all my might
to understand
the way they flow

but the things I read
and the things I hear
never help
the things I say

I seek to explain –
to show you
what occurs

but it won't come out
the paint's dried up
the puzzle unsolvable
the unbreakable – broken

I search
and try to mend
but the broken seems

words stop working
forming incoherent phrases
I'm at a loss
and I can't even explain

Lost Within

a stiffness runs through me
no cause – no reason
no anger or frustration
just numbness
seeping through

a constant
a need to be
on edge
for no reason

answers escape me
as I try to make them up
to explain
why I am the way
that I am

failure persists through me
as you will never understand
and neither will I


the thoughts are
disturbing and controlling
as sleep continues to evade me

impossible to explain
or describe
as no one would
ever understand

but still I try
with no success
to show society
'til my last breath

I am human
to their disbelief
I hear and listen
I feel and break

because no matter
what is said
they will never

to them
I will
always be

Quite Clear

your words might not
come out quite clear
but the meaning
is always there

with your heart
you learn to speak
through the arts
you can

the music
the notes
they blend together

reactions form
emotions create
feelings brought to others
without the use of words

and there is never
any doubt
about what you mean
to say

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Falling Strong

The words that
exist all around
but never know how
to stand tall
to withhold
the pain
to stop 
the rain
to tell me
it’s gonna be alright
for to fall
would mean
to let go
to break through
and to not be caught
by you

i fell for you

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Try Me

the world begins to crumble
as words attempt to form
always jumping
always skipping
to the place they don't belong

the phrases come out short
always incomplete
endlessly searching
for the right term
to make it sound elite

it never seems quite right
perfection merely just a phase
it should be like
flying with a kite
if it didn't put me in a daze

it all begins to fade
since I couldn't seem to say
the phrase that needed
to be said
and instead decided to make it read

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Raw Attempt

the rhythms pound against my head
pulsing through my body

all I knew was what I read
and nothing else was ready

the pitter patter against the glass
making me feel free

enveloping the vastly mass
as you got down on one knee

the questions popped
the silence sizzled

and I was left in a daze
my mind turned cloudy

ruffled with fog
as I stumbled through the maze

words were thrown
across the room
and the silence continued buzzing

frozen from my shoulders down
my lids were weights and quickly fell

the pitter patter resumed
down my opalescent flesh
until I managed to muster a mutter

but by the time
the last drip dribbled
I was all alone.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Autumn Rain

darkness rolled across the ground
presenting a haze to those
still out

the cracking of twigs
muffled by snow
was enough to know
you weren't alone

a puff of smoke escaped
as the grasp got tighter
and the darkness rolled past
revealing a mask

the music rang still
erupting shivers down my spine
slamming and stomping
reverberated in the background

the fingers were still wrapped tightly
not letting me go
afraid I'd run
or escape lightly

my mind had left –
me in a daze
and my feet moved deftly
beneath the haze

Saturday, January 26, 2013


the words flow through my mind
reminding me of the times
the memories
when it was all so simple
there were no questions
or assumptions
no judgements
or tears

laughter always resonated
from my throat
and happiness felt so
as it spread across my face

but things change
and people grow
the past is gone
the future unknown
and all we have
is this moment

New School

A new beginning
as frightening
and exciting
as the last

The stares
and glares
the welcoming dares

missing the old
hopeful of the new

never knowing
until started
time. to. jump.

Monday, January 21, 2013


The sound of your voice
stops me in my tracks
causing hysteria to run through me
I glance back
slipping away
unable to say
the words that
cause me to fall:
Catch Me.