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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Drifting Away

some have told me
that the distance between us
will only bring us closer together

but if that's the case
then why do i feel you
slipping away through my fingers
like sand on a windy day?

grain by grain
it's like i never knew you
in the first place

you've managed to pull away
from me
and leave me alone
with only memories

you told me this would work
you told me everything would be okay
why did you lie?
why did you break my heart?

love shouldn't be temporary
you weren't 
in my heart

so how is it
that with my feelings as strong as they were
for you
you managed to leave me behind
in the dust?

i will always love you
no matter how many hundreds
of miles you put between us

you stole my heart when you left
and most painful of all..
you kept it with you
and gave me nothing in return
but a broken heart.

Friday, February 24, 2012

It Is All Right Here

The shine in your eye
when you look at me
is how you make me feel
every time I see you.

That tear that trickles down
your cheek
when you think about losing me
is how I feel
when you walk away.

The loss of words
you describe
when I ask what's on your mind
is how I feel
when I'm with you.

Words might not say enough,
music might not create
enough imagery,
but if you stick around long enough
and look into my eyes
it'll all be there --
waiting for you to listen.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Because Of Me

What matters most
is the smile on your face

But the truth is
I wish I could be
the cause of it

Convenient Standby

Life is too short
to dwell in the past
or even the future

But I can't help
but ponder the small things
that mean a lot
in the moment

You say you love me
then why don't I ever
come first?

Why am I brushed aside
as if I'm merely
a convenience?

Friday, February 3, 2012

It's Not On The Tip Of My Brain

It's supposed to be something exciting
something new
and different
a refreshment of opportunities

but if that's true
then why am I sad

why can I not understand
what's going on
beneath my words

why do I try to figure it all out
and cause problems
where they don't exist

why am I the way I am?
why can't I just enjoy
what people tell me to

it should be
a happy moment
in time
but I can't focus on that
I can focus on anything but --

it's the furthest thing
from my mind --
the term "happiness"
because my face has forgotten
how to smile.