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Saturday, March 30, 2013


the seasons change
but that's not all
for the feelings within
evaporate from the walls

it's not yet over
that I guarantee
for the truth of the matter is
it's just a new beginning

it is never the end
unless you let it be true
cause this trickling
up my spine

reminds me
of you.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


There are those times when
tears are clear,
transparent and painful.
And all the moments
that I fight to win
are useless –
my strength no match,
damaging my pride
and much
much more.

Walking Around

after five minutes I am lost
but I know exactly where I am
the dried up concrete buckling under
every step – same as yesterday
or was that Tuesday?
my feet move mindlessly
dragging me where they know to go
even though
there is nowhere to go
in this town
I make circles
forgetting how I get from one place
to another
I stroll along serenely, with my eyes, my shoes, my rage –
forgetting everything
mind racing for minutes
or has it been hours?
worn holes crack through the rubber
as I feel the heaves in the road
after five minutes I am lost
and I don’t want to be found

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Remind Me

The ice water pouring over my tongue brings nothing but anxious love that dwells from deep inside my guilt – my inability to trust causes my desires to stop short at a stop light – holding them back out of fear, or perhaps out of longing. I regret the childish shriek that erupted from within the first time I experienced it all, but it will never be something I'll be able to take back – not that I'd want to, of course.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Writers Block

I often try with all my might
to understand
the way they flow

but the things I read
and the things I hear
never help
the things I say

I seek to explain –
to show you
what occurs

but it won't come out
the paint's dried up
the puzzle unsolvable
the unbreakable – broken

I search
and try to mend
but the broken seems

words stop working
forming incoherent phrases
I'm at a loss
and I can't even explain

Lost Within

a stiffness runs through me
no cause – no reason
no anger or frustration
just numbness
seeping through

a constant
a need to be
on edge
for no reason

answers escape me
as I try to make them up
to explain
why I am the way
that I am

failure persists through me
as you will never understand
and neither will I


the thoughts are
disturbing and controlling
as sleep continues to evade me

impossible to explain
or describe
as no one would
ever understand

but still I try
with no success
to show society
'til my last breath

I am human
to their disbelief
I hear and listen
I feel and break

because no matter
what is said
they will never

to them
I will
always be

Quite Clear

your words might not
come out quite clear
but the meaning
is always there

with your heart
you learn to speak
through the arts
you can

the music
the notes
they blend together

reactions form
emotions create
feelings brought to others
without the use of words

and there is never
any doubt
about what you mean
to say

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Falling Strong

The words that
exist all around
but never know how
to stand tall
to withhold
the pain
to stop 
the rain
to tell me
it’s gonna be alright
for to fall
would mean
to let go
to break through
and to not be caught
by you

i fell for you