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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Try Me

the world begins to crumble
as words attempt to form
always jumping
always skipping
to the place they don't belong

the phrases come out short
always incomplete
endlessly searching
for the right term
to make it sound elite

it never seems quite right
perfection merely just a phase
it should be like
flying with a kite
if it didn't put me in a daze

it all begins to fade
since I couldn't seem to say
the phrase that needed
to be said
and instead decided to make it read

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Raw Attempt

the rhythms pound against my head
pulsing through my body

all I knew was what I read
and nothing else was ready

the pitter patter against the glass
making me feel free

enveloping the vastly mass
as you got down on one knee

the questions popped
the silence sizzled

and I was left in a daze
my mind turned cloudy

ruffled with fog
as I stumbled through the maze

words were thrown
across the room
and the silence continued buzzing

frozen from my shoulders down
my lids were weights and quickly fell

the pitter patter resumed
down my opalescent flesh
until I managed to muster a mutter

but by the time
the last drip dribbled
I was all alone.