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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


the walls are closing in
crashing down
all around
until the only essence left
is loneliness

no supports
no beams
no groups or teams

the doors closed
locked you in
to fend for yourself
to make the most
or to destroy the best
until it all ends

nothing feels safe
no one – no place

and all you can do
is shut down

The Surface Doesn't Mean A Thing

the feeling wells up
within me
only anger
can surface
anger at the hand
I've been dealt
anger that I
can't understand
– no one can understand
as well as
the pain
that screams out
in an attempt
to control
and destroy
hard work –
and the person
I emphasize
...until it's gone.

Short-Term Instead

you once understood me
down to the slightest
crease in my flesh

but if this is true,
then how is it possible
that you now,
don't know me at all?

you pushed me behind
as if under a bus
to hold together your past
when holding onto us
went to the back burner.

you moved forward
and that's fine
but you forgot
and for that, I can


it rises
surrounding us,
enveloping us,
as if lifeless,
careless –
it's only desire for the world
is to make us all choke

whether it be losing loved ones
whom have been enveloped,
or for the surrounding
sensation of ourselves

but no matter how it's
looked upon
it's merely a metaphor of
rising all around us,
until it replaces the sky
with its dark entity.


The hues change
and the shape reflects
all the while
at what crosses before it

The center of meaning
and the meaning
of life
remains masked
behind it

They change with the
but the message stays the

and the only one
who will be able to read it
is the one
who knows exactly
what they're looking for