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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holocaust Found Poem

it’s hard to talk about that
I was Jewish
and that was okay
it wasn’t an issue

it was a shock
if you can understand that
we had to leave
slowly but surely

he said “go”
not forced –
by choice
she said “no,
they stay”

we were afraid
left and right –
they found us

they tried
to get rid of us
it wasn’t unusual
– I escaped that
little incident

being Jewish was familiar
but Jewish presence
was a shock

I listened
morning, noon, and night

rifle down?
not by a long shot
you’re crazy –

just like that.


the edges are rugged, clearly from use
and perhaps some neglect hidden in there too
the chapters are worn, damaged, stained
from experience, from life, and from just a bit of rain
left outside, withered, torn to pieces
by onlookers, bystanders, and just little children
some yellowing, some age – it all seems the same
flipped upside down, turned around
into a violent rage
it still wouldn’t cause a second glance
no one would care
or even notice
until the sound of ripping
because then it’s not the same
it’s not rugged
or used
or neglected or stained
it’s destroyed

and we’re all to blame.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Angel

your voice resonated in a song
every time you spoke
the words chimed together
creating an atmosphere
some can only imagine experiencing

your rosy cheeks and broad grin
brightened the room
even on the darkest days
and we all wish
we could see it right now

photographs don't capture
your essence
enough to make it okay
but your impact on me
is one more powerful than most

I can remember your smile
your numerous fragrances that
wafted through the room.
I can remember the anecdotes
and the incessant laughter that filled the room
whenever you were there

you made everything better
and nothing will ever be the same
but I know you're out there. I know you're
not gone. Because you can't be.
Because wonderful things don't leave.

you will never be gone
because the Irises bloom every spring
and your pictures will sway in the cross breeze
and you changed my life
and believed in me.

You're my angel.
like the glass trinkets
throughout your house.
The ones I always wished
to play with.

You're the angel I'll hold near
because your smile
will forever brighten my heart.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

No Looking Back

sometimes I stand by
watching, staring, gazing
wondering if you ever notice
the pain in my eyes

passing by me
you look straight through
as if all I am
is a web of lies

the screams within
go unspoken
the words I speak
go unnoticed

the falling rain
envelopes me
drowning me
trying to make me forget

taking it all away
the pain and the glares
the screams and the stares
and me

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Sometimes I sit beside a piece of glass
as the wooden planks cross my face
gazing out to those that cannot sense
the shards that burrow beneath my flesh.

Sometimes I wonder who is staring back
questioning the things they might not see
never knowing if I’m really there
or just dissolving off in the distance.

Sometimes I sit there on my own
buried beneath the words and leaves
wondering when my chance will come
to escape the pressure upon my spine

Sometimes I wonder who can see
the pain that’s living deep within me
the weight intensifies throughout my core
as I hold my breath and wait to be alone again

Monday, November 3, 2014


they're gone
every last one of them

all because I said

"leave me alone"

but now it's lonely

and the birds are chirping

mocking me

because at least they have friends

they left me behind

without knowing why

as if they thrive on my sadness

and wanted me to contemplate those heights

the silence creeps over my skin

stabbing into my veins

I wait for everything to stop

I wait for the buzzing to go numb

I waited

in the loud silence