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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Found Poem: Love and Meaning

To the one who stole my heart,
can you promise me something?
I don't want to break your heart
But I need you...
So can you be mine?

because you are you
and at this point I don't know what
I'd do without you
I wished for you once
and my wish came true:
you're mine

But please don't worry...
because what we say stands for us
and when you don't believe me, it hurts
because this goes both ways:
I will never let you fall,
and I'm never giving up
and I can't bare the pain of losing
because I can't imagine life without
and I'm not sure what I'd do without
but fall apart
so please don't let me go

we can get through this
I am certain about that
I got you
I can't just end that

...I just wanted you to know that
because I will not let you disappear
from my life
and that might be selfish
but it would hurt me more to not be
able to call you mine
I don't want to let you go
and I won't let it happen without a

So before you leave
please know
I'd much rather crash with you in my arms
than alone
I'm happiest while around you
you are the first thing I think about
when I wake up,
and the last thing I think about
before I go to bed.
my brain gets scrambled to the point
where words cannot describe
and I'd rather stay up talking to you

I'm your idiot in shiny tinfoil
the one to warm your ears when
they're cold
the one who passes out while talking
to you...
You fit me so perfectly in every way
I'm your snuggle buddy
and I feel so perfect when I'm with you

and take my word for it
I want it to stay that way forever
Because I believe in us
– the us we talk about on
Valentine's Day
because when we can't be together
every day
and my bed feels empty without you
it kills me
so yes, I'm begging
because I want you in my arms right

I don't think there are enough words
but I will never let you fall
and I will always play for you
because you mean the world to me
and nothing else matters when I'm
around you

Through thick and thin
Right by your side, where I belong
I have you and you have me
that's all that matters...

So please, let me hold you forever
and never let go.

I am so glad we happened
and there are things you say
that make me fall for you all over
but these are all your words
and I just wanted to say:
It's exactly how I feel.

So, to the one who stole my heart,
you make keep it, because as you
may already know, it has always
been yours to have.
And I hope that you will treat my heart
with love and care
so it lasts a long time.
Because I gave you my heart
in its entirety
because you truly are the one for

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  1. Sweet and whimsical poet. A dazzling dance of words which seek and hold loves wonderful purpose.