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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


some things traipse through minds when there is pizza.
I speak when I want others to stare at me like I’m an idiot
unable to make common sense come flowing out of my mouth.
Normalcy makes me think of idiots. Can you understand me if I Speak. Like. This?
Your being slow doesn’t affect me so go be slow on the slide where people will try to kick you down and scream at you for not knowing how to slide at a normal rate.
He’s standing over there staring at me and I try to make that sly half smile to let him know I’m interested, but instead my smile apparently looks like a stalker or a pedophile and he grabs his kid and runs away.
Less teeth? More teeth? Should I stick my tongue out next time?
I greet people by putting my thumb on my nose and wiggling my other fingers at them.
The innocent make life boring. I kick them down the slide, wiggle my fingers at them, and then go eat pizza.
Can you see the sun shining from beyond my face? Cause it’s blinding me and I hate it. I wish I could attack the sun and tell it to put up some blinds for the world.
Those blinds could hide me from the world. Hide my inexcusable actions as I prance through the streets – and no one would be able to see me because the sun would be blind.

I’m a puppet, and I really just want some damn pizza.

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